Frequently Asked Questions

Sri Chaitanya offers a limited number of application fee grants. Fee grants are directed to
1) Applicants who have participated in pipeline programs specifically designed to prepare students for graduate studies, or
2) Applicants who have grown up in a low-income family. For more detailed information, please see Application Fee Waivers (Grants).

The main objective of C batch programme is to ensure that these students are competent enough to secure Below 500/1000 RANKS in IIT level entrance tests. Our C- batch is a platform where the students are trained to take on the toughest National and International Olympiads and step into the portals of prestigious National level professional institutions like IIT’s & NIT’s.

The Syllabus of C-BATCH covers more number of topics than in TECHNO. The topics dealt with have more depth in C batch than Techno. C-BATCH is a Direct Training for IIT,whereas TECHNO is the foundation for IIT.

The IPL Batch is created with the sole aim of seeing that the majority of TOP 10 & TOP – 100 Students for IIT/JEE Ranks are filled with the students from Sri Chaitanya Schools. Sri Chaitanya Intermediate IPL Material is taught directly to the students of IPL with Physics - 3 periods per Day, Chemistry - 3 periods per Day and Maths- 3 periods per Day. Only the College Staff from Sri Chaitanya Colleges are appointed to teach the students of IPL.

The objective of MEDICON is to prepare our students to secure BELOW 500 to BELOW 1000 Ranks in all Prestigious Medical exams. MEDICON - Batch is a specially designed programme, preparing the students to appear for the state and National Medical Entrance Examinations. It also enables them to secure seats in NEET, AIMS, JIPMER etc. with top ranks both in the National and State level.

The MPL Batch is created with the sole aim of seeing that the majority of TOP 10 & TOP 100 Students selected for all the Prestigious Medical Institutions like AIIMS, JIPMER, NEET, and AIPMT are filled with the students from Sri Chaitanya Schools. 90% of the Sri Chaitanya Intermediate MPL Syllabus is covered making it easier for the students to concentrate on Entrance Exams Coaching in the Intermediate whereas 75% intermediate Syllabus is covered in Medicon. All the Syllabus is designed and taught keeping the AIIMS SUPER-60 Programme of Sri Chaitanya in view.

CIVILS BATCH aims at training the students to secure ranks in the Civil Services exams from High School level itself. It aims at enabling the students fare well and achieve seats in Civil Services like IAS, IPS, ICS, IRS, IFS etc. and the Groups like Group 1 & 2. It also trains them simultaneously for the Central Servicesv like Railways, Banks and Insurance Sectors. It throws its main focus on Social Sciences, Maths with relation to Reasoning, Communication Skills, GK and Current Affairs through continuous and comprehensive evaluation both in Descriptive and Objective Types.

It depends on the stream chosen. They need an Admission Test according to the orientation they select. Students joining Techno are promoted to various other programmes as per the performance levels of the students in the Objective Tests. You can walk into a nearest Branch of Sri Chaitanya for more details.

Again, it depends on the Orientation chosen by the student and the parent. The best action is to walk into a nearest Branch of Sri Chaitanya to get the comprehensive details under the cooperative and expert guidance of our Principals and Deans.

Material is prepared by the by the Academic Experts under the guidance of our Resource Personnel. They are in constant Research and Development regarding how the material is to be modified according to the latest trends in the educational scenario. They keep the Student’s Absorption capacities and according to the levels of the various curricula.

There are periodical tests in both Descriptive and Objective types – like Weekly Tests, Bi-weekly Tests, Monthly Tests and Cumulative Objective Tests. The performance of the students is critically analyzed by the Central Office and proper directives are issued to better the performances of the students and orient them towards their goals constantly. With the help of Predesigned Software for the purpose, the performance of the students is analyzed after every exam to identify the areas to be improved, taking individual student as a unit. Ranking at the levels of the Branch, the Zone, the State and the national level are given separately to the students to know where the student stands at various levels.

We have exclusive Calligraphers in every zone. They train the students in Lucida Handwriting as the age old script handwriting has lost its prominence in the world. The teachers are also given special training in using Lucida Handwriting as they have to guide the students accordingly.

Extra and Co-curricular activities are concurrent to the main Academic Programme. The excusive SMART LIVING PROGRAMME aims at improving the Human and Moral Values, Social Awareness and Personality Development through Extra and Co-curricular Activities is the essence. The stude nts showing exceptional skills are sent to various levels of competition in Painting and Drawing, Talent Tests, Memory Tests, Music and Dance competitions, Quiz competitions etc. There are a numerous examples of such students bringing laurels to the School and their parents every year. All the national festivals and major festivals of all the religions are celebrated in all the branches with a great pomp and show. All the students are ensured participation in these activities including the Annual Day Celebrations.

The schedules themselves are designed according to the capacities of the students age-wise. To relieve them of the minute remnant of the stress, we conduct Yoga Periods early in the morning on a daily basis for the hostellers and on a weekly basis for the Day-Scholars. Games and Sports Periods are a must leading to the bringing down of the stress and ensuring the Physical and Mental Fitness needed for the long bouts of studying.

The progress of the student is informed to the parent through SMS after every Test or Examination. A Progress Report is also given in the periodical Parent Teacher Meets where they can discuss the progress with the teachers face to face. They can alsotrack the progress through a parent login provided to the Sri Chaitanya School’s Website.

We have a unique Adoption Programme for this purpose. The care of every 12 to 15 students is given to a teacher in charge of the Adoption. They speak to the Students directly on a daily basis and to the Parent on bi-weekly basis on phone and solve the issues related to their performance in all the subjects and the behavioural issues. They counsel the students appropriately whenever there is aneed with a personal and individual care.


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