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Our high school education is fueled by our unwavering values, including the readiness to face the competitive world, adaptability to the outside world, and the acquisition of essential life skills needed to excel and reach the summit of success.


At Sri Chaitanya, we believe that every child possesses innate capabilities that contribute to their brilliance. Our experienced faculty offers expert guidance to unlock these latent qualities, enabling students to become successful individuals. Our unique Sri Chaitanya Syllabus is designed to prepare students for prestigious institutions such as IITs, NIITs, AIIMS, JIPMER, AIPMD, deemed universities, and other medical, engineering, and diverse streams. We strive to make the journey of achieving these goals easy and comfortable for our students.

Our Special Batches

At Sri Chaitanya, we have developed a robust curriculum known as the Techno Curriculum, which integrates the subjects of Maths, Physics, Chemistry, and Biology required for various entrance exams.

The curriculum is carefully structured to ensure that students are not overwhelmed by the syllabus. It is designed to align with their current grade level, allowing them to study their present syllabus in depth. Through micro-level teaching techniques, we provide students with the opportunity to improve their performance in their current class.

By dividing the content matter into manageable portions and maintaining alignment with the normal course of study, we enable students to delve deeper into their subjects and enhance their understanding and performance.

C-BATCH VI to X class
ICON VII to X class
IPL VII to X class
MPL IX to X class


Our Techno Curriculum is designed to prepare students for clearing the IIT-JEE and Medical Entrance exams. It integrates syllabus components from State, NCERT, and CBSE boards to cover all the necessary subjects. Over time, our Techno Curriculum has consistently enabled students to secure IIT and Medical seats year after year in recognition of its effectiveness


Our curriculum is designed to take students another step ahead, targeting ranks below the top 1000 in IIT. By the time students complete 10th class, we cover approximately 50% of the intermediate syllabus required for IIT. This early exposure and preparation make it easier for students to train and excel in the IIT entrance exams during their intermediate years.


ICON, an elite group of Sri Chaitanya students, aims to achieve ranks below the top 500 in IIT. Over the years, ICON has consistently delivered remarkable performances. By the time these students complete Class 10, they have covered 70% of the intermediate syllabus, setting a strong foundation for their further preparation.


The IPL program at Sri Chaitanya aims to secure top 100 ranks in IIT. Through comprehensive teaching by experienced lecturers, IPL students cover 100% of the intermediate and state syllabus before entering intermediate, allowing them to focus solely on IIT preparation during their intermediate years.


TMPL at Sri Chaitanya focuses on securing top 100 ranks in national-level medical entrance exams like NEET, AIIMS, JIPMER, etc.


The primary goal of the Medicon Programme is to have Sri Chaitanya students make up the majority of the top 100 ranks in prestigious medical institutions. This specially designed program prepares students for state and national medical entrance examinations, helping them secure seats in renowned medical colleges like AIIMS, JIPMER, NEET, and achieve top ranks at both national and state levels.


We are pleased to announce that the Sri Chaitanya Curriculum now includes the CIVILS BATCH starting from the academic year 2018-19.

This program is specifically designed to coach students who choose this option to achieve a rank in civil services, secure a Group-1 or Group-2 job, or obtain a high-profile position in national-level bodies such as railways, banking, or insurance sectors.

The CIVILS BATCH emphasizes the importance of knowledge in social sciences, mathematics with reasoning, communication skills, general awareness, and current affairs. The program provides highly effective study materials in these areas for students' learning and practice. Regular descriptive and objective tests are conducted to ensure ample practice opportunities. Experienced faculty members are assigned to guide and support students in achieving success in this program at all branches where the course is offered.