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Our pre-primary education curriculum focuses on the basic
foundational concepts of education.


Every child is a precious gift, and it is the collective responsibility of everyone to treat them with love and care. Sri Chaitanya shares this belief and implements the Star Kids ideology in its pre-primary wing.


Research indicates that a child's brain experiences significant development during their formative years. The Star Kids approach at Sri Chaitanya ensures comprehensive nurturing of your child's growth with warmth and affection. In today's competitive world, even a slight advantage can make a difference. Therefore, we have embraced an approach that stimulates critical thinking and learning absorption. As a result, students feel enthusiastic about learning and progress towards success.


Our curriculum is carefully designed to prioritize language development, math skills, knowledge in humanities, general awareness, creative arts and crafts, and music. This comprehensive approach enables each child to develop a well-rounded personality from a young age.


  • We provide the ideal foundation for emotional and educational growth
  • Fostering the development of interpersonal skills
  • Nurturing curiosity for effective learning
  • Cultivating a positive attitude
  • Social awareness and etiquette
  • introducing globally recognized learning methodologies