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Our primary education prepares children to face future challenges by equipping them with the strength to absorb a vast amount of knowledge according to global standards.


At Sri Chaitanya, we believe that proper grooming leads to refined personalities. Through our emphasis on moral values and social etiquette, we strive to develop children with impeccable character.


At Sri Chaitanya, we believe in a skills and activities-based approach to education. Our teaching methodology focuses on fostering important skills such as public speaking, interpersonal communication, and teamwork. Our dedicated faculty members adopt a child-centric approach, providing ample opportunities for students to learn and apply their knowledge. We place a strong emphasis on holistic growth, including the development of their personalities. By laying a strong foundation, we empower our students to become global achievers in their chosen fields.


At Sri Chaitanya, we strive to make learning enjoyable by incorporating activities beyond the traditional classroom setting. We believe in nurturing students' knowledge and skills in progressive stages. Our approach takes into consideration both the physical and cognitive needs of the child, ensuring a holistic development. We give equal attention to the intelligence and emotional quotients of each student. Our aim is to foster the right aptitude for global success. Through our unique teaching methodologies, we create a focused perception that enhances students' learning experience.